Our Pastor

Felipe Pinochet

Felipe I. Pinochet

Senior Pastor

A native of Chile, Felipe Pinochet graduated from Duoc UC with a degree in Industrial Mechanics. In addition to his degree, Felipe graduated from Columbia Bible College, FLET (Facultad Latino Americano de Estudios Theologicos). He holds a Masters of Theology in Biblical Studies from the American Center for Theological Studies (A.C.T.S).

Alongside with his wife Olivia, he served as a missionary in Colombia from 1985 to 1987 He returned to Chile in 1987 and served in his church (The Methodist Church of Valparaiso) until he and his wife were commissioned by IGO (International Gospel Outreach) in 1991 by Dr. Bertis Rouse to serve as missionaries in Chiapas, Mexico to the indigenous people. For three years in a half Felipe worked alongside with other missionaries, taught the Bible and trained pastors until 1995.

Due to political circumstances beyond his control that arouse in the region where he was serving. He along with his family were barred from returning by the Mexican government due to a conflict of interest for aiding the indigenous people. He then served in IGO, as Director of Latin American Ministries and attended The First Baptist Church of Mobile’s Hispanic Congregation until he felt called by God to reach the migrant workers and their families in Alabama and Mississippi.

He was then ordained as a pastor by Family Life Fellowship Church of George County, Mississippi in 1996. In 1998 he was invited to join Covenant Church of Mobile congregation as an elder and to start a Hispanic congregation. After 12 years at Covenant Church, House of the Nations became an independent ministry in 2011 and now continues to minister to people from all nations in the Gulf Coast through two church campuses: Mobile, Alabama, and Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Felipe and his wife, Olivia have three children.