Spiritual Abuse

Teachings that Transform

When a spiritual leader loses being in communion with God, They lose the essence of their calling which is to love and serve the people of God, and therefore this is no longer a visible and supernatural anointing that operates in the influence and expansion of that call, inevitably it will appeal towards:

  • Manipulating lives according to their personal interests and always putting the focus on the weaknesses of the person.
  • Threatening with “spiritual” insults like “Egyptian”, “bastard”, “Midianite”, etc.
  • Dividing wives against their husband, children against parents. They destroy and gain strength by manipulating the weakest.
  • Blame and aim at those with sins and bonds with which they have fought against all their life.
  • Cursing.

In very few words, this is called spiritual abuse. And spiritual abuse, is a visible manifestation of sorcery and the despotic and selfish character of a person. A leader who manipulates, threatens, curses, divides, invades and criticizes your past. Simply put that person is not worthy of being heard or followed and obeying him or her.

The throne of Saul was rejected for the very same reasons, but God made a covenant with David that his throne would last forever. David could have risen against Saul, but he did not. He could have cursed his son Absalom, but did not. All was left in the hands of God declared by a man who was after His own heart.

A TRUE SPIRITUAL FATHER need not stoop so low for their children to bear the burden of the ministry. A father does exactly the opposite of this:

  • Teaches without any manipulation.
  • Cautions one without threatening them.
  • Blesses instead of cursing.
  • Unites instead of dividing.
  • Respects the growth of their children and even allows them to learn from their own mistakes.
  • Corrects without hurting one.

and never reproaches past forgiven sins nor utilizes the error of their children as a weapon for anything. Although it is often necessary to demand, correct, organize and establish things in the lives of disciples. Nevertheless God hates the Jezebelian way of handling the affairs of His kingdom.

Jesus came to establish his Kingdom in us, Christianity in its essence is a faith, a culture of blessing, and not a curse.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

John 10:10

A person who frequently practice spiritual abuse within the walls of a ministry, is nothing but:

  • Someone insecure with their past that it did not work out for them.
  • Someone who still has rejection and pain in their heart.
  • Someone who projects their own frustrations utilizing ambition as a measure of balance.
  • Someone who carries a big inferiority complex.

God did not call you to live in any kind of slavery, but be free of as children of God! Get out abuse and be free with the freedom Christ has given us!

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