Suicide is not the Solution

  1. Casa de las Naciones

It is sad to hear about someone who has decided to take their own life, by putting an end to his/her existence through “suicide.” Suicide is a syndrome that we are hearing more and more frequently in the news. What is even more devastating is when that person who ends his/her life, is known or a person of greater or lesser influence in society. As a pastor this is one of the most difficult aspects of the work that the Lord has entrusted to me. It is not easy to advise a family that is submerged in the pain of the loss of one that has left in an unexpected way.

Suicide can affect many lives including, the family, friends, people who knew and saw that person every day can be marked by pain. Also suicide is affecting tremendously this generation who most often hear about others taking their lives. When a suicide happens, everything gets left behind, including achievements, goals, failures, etc. Also a family becomes paralyzed with the horror with an event such as this.

A person who makes a decision to end their life, is because that person has lost all vision of the future and has no hope. That person has closed the door to dream and little by little he or she has lost the will to fight, with a tremendous emotional wound. That person has also fallen into the trap of the enemy of our souls, satan, who deceives human beings every day, telling them that there is a better way out or escape, where nothing bad is going to happen because their deep pain must be changed by a ” Eternal Rest”.

There are many who have forgotten that life has ups and downs, victories and failures and we continually have to face challenges, which in most cases we are losing physical and emotional forces. God has promised us that we are not alone fighting in this world. He will be close if we only ask Him.

There are thousands of people in the world who have stopped fighting for their dreams, because they are not going to the source of strength and joy, who is the Lord and King of the Universe, Jesus. Who has promised to take our burdens, sorrows and help us across that valley, and whatever that may be.

Look no further than for someone or something to fill your life and make you happy, come to Jesus. Only in Him there is hope and answers about the Truth that only He can provide and get you out of that valley of despair. God cares for you more than you think. He wants to guide you and bring you to a life with purpose and vision.