The Well of Despair is Not your Destiny

We find in the Holy Scriptures the son of the patriarch Jacob, named Joseph, to whom God gave the ability to have prophetic dreams. When we read about Joseph brothers when they learned of the favor of God was with him. and we must add that his father Jacob was partisan towards Joseph, than the rest of his brothers. Thus jealousy entered them and his jealous brothers decided in the first instance to make him disappear by throwing him into a well.

The enemy of your soul is Satan, who would like to see your life trapped in a well were you are in a situation or a circumstance where you can not find an outlet away from your problems and in a state of hopelessness. The enemy wants to kill your dreams and the purpose that God has for you because that would mean the removal of the enemy’s chains over you. Where you would enter a life full of hope and promises that Jesus Christ has for your life.

Joseph went through many bitter moments throughout his life, he knew injustice, but in spite of everything nothing paralyzed him in continuing with the confidence that the Almighty God would not abandon him. In his upbringing he learned that it was possible to have a relationship with God and that only He could change the course of life. Through dreams the Lord had revealed to him that some day, he was going to become a person of great influence.

God can turn your bad experiences, failures and bitterness into an opportunity to embellish your life and fill it with gratitude and achievements. He can lead you to the kind of life you have always longed for; a destiny that will take you to the blessing and of course to eternal life in heaven where Jesus is King and Lord of all.