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    Suicide is not the Solution

    It is sad to hear about someone who has decided to take their own life, by putting an end to his/her existence through “suicide.” Suicide is a syndrome that we are hearing more and more frequently in the news. What is even more devastating is when that person who ends his/her life, is known or […]

  • The Well of Despair is Not your Destiny

    We find in the Holy Scriptures the son of the patriarch Jacob, named Joseph, to whom God gave the ability to have prophetic dreams. When we read about Joseph brothers when they learned of the favor of God was with him. and we must add that his father Jacob was partisan towards Joseph, than the […]

  • The Hardened Heart

    There are a great number of people over time have hardened and express their blows of life and lots of other justifications. They do not realize that a hardened heart has spiritual and natural consequences. I would like to share some of them. A harden heart does not feel the presence of God. It is […]